A list of popular open source and free tools that can help people accomplish Drupal related tasks.

Most popular Drupal tools

Aegir (2007)
Aegir allows you to deploy and manage many Drupal sites, and can scale across multiple server clusters. Aegir makes it easy to install, upgrade, and backup an entire network of Drupal sites.
linux, own-server
clustering, hosting, multisite, paas
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BLT (2014)
BLT (Build and Launch Tool) is a tool that generates new Drupal projects using a standardized template derived from Acquia Professional Services' best practices.
composer, git
building, cli, deployment, production, provisioning, scaffolding, testing
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BOA (2013)
BOA is an acronym of high performance Barracuda, Octopus and Aegir LEMP stack. Includes all-in-one bash scripts to install and upgrade high performance Aegir Hosting Systems for Drupal, with Nginx, PHP-FPM, Zend OPcache, MariaDB and Redis.
aegir, clustering, hosting, multisite, paas
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DDEV (2016)
DDEV is an open source tool that makes it dead simple to get local PHP development environments up and running within minutes. It's powerful and flexible as a result of its per-project environment configurations, which can be extended, version controlled, and shared. In short, DDEV aims to allow development teams to use Docker in their workflow without the complexities of bespoke configuration. Pluggable hosting providers with current support for Acquia, Pantheon, Platform.sh and more.
development, docker, multisite, workflow
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Drupal VM (2014)
Drupal VM is A VM for local Drupal development, built with Vagrant + Ansible. This project aims to make spinning up a simple local Drupal test/development environment incredibly quick and easy, and to introduce new developers to the wonderful world of Drupal development on local virtual machines (instead of crufty old MAMP/WAMP-based development).
ansible, vagrant
debug, development, vagrant, vm
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DrupalPod (2021)
This project allows you to work on Drupal core contributions with a familiar setup of a 'normal' Drupal website using the online IDE Gitpod.io and DDEV. No computer is needed because it is all running in the cloud.
development, drupal-core, gitpod, gui, ide
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Drush (2007)
Drush is a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal. Drush core ships with lots of useful commands for interacting with code like modules/themes/profiles. Similarly, it runs update.php, executes sql queries and DB migrations, and misc utilities like run cron or clear cache. Drush can be extended by 3rd party commandfiles.
cli, debug, development, drush
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DruxtJS (2020)
Druxt is a framework for building Fully Decoupled Drupal and Nuxt.js applications and sites. It allows you to leverage the content modelling and management power of Drupal, and build elegant user experiences with Nuxt.js.
javascript, nodejs, nuxtjs
cms, nuxtjs
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Lagoon (2017)
Lagoon solves what developers are dreaming about: A system that allows developers to locally develop their code and their services with Docker and run the exact same system in production. The same Docker images, the same service configurations and the same code.
linux, own-server
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Lando (2017)
Lando is a free, open source and cross-platform local development environment and DevOps tool built on Docker container technology and developed by Tandem. It is designed to work with most major languages, frameworks and services and to provide an easy way for users to specify simple or complex development requirements for their projects.
cli, debug, development, docker, testing
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DevShop is a 'cloud hosting' system for Drupal. DevShop makes it easy to host, develop, test and update drupal sites. It provides a front-end built in Drupal (Devmaster) and a back-end built with drush, Symfony, and Ansible.
aegir, hosting, multisite, paas
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